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December 29, 2006
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  It was a sunny day in the Kohona village. Naruto had just come home from school, and he was thinking of some pranks he could pull on his fellow classmates.
  "Hmm...This one will be the best!" he snickered with glee. "I'll use the Sexy Jutsu to be a girl, and go to school. I'll be the new girl! But I'll need a name..." Naruto rubbed his chin with thought. It suddenly came to him. "Naruta Uzume! No one will suspect a thing!!" To carry out his 'evil' plot, he'd need a wardrobe. "Better head to the mall before it closes," he said before doing some hand signs. "Transform!" he turned into a girl, around his age, not like an adult like he usually did. "A bit busty, but it'll do." He put on a sweater, and headed to the mall. He went to a girly store. First, he had to find out his bra size, (which turned out to be a 30C) and some shirts and pants, and a couple skirts. The total came to about 25 dollars, so he put a pair of pants back. After his little trip, he went home. He opened the door to his house and went inside. He dropped his bags on the ground and changed back into a boy.
  "Damn I'm tired. Better go to bed and conserve chakra for tomorrow." he ate a bowl of ramen for dinner, got into his pajamas and went to bed.
~The Next Day~
  Naruto got up early so he could take a quick shower. He warmed up some ramen for breakfast and got ready for school.
  "Time to put my plan in affect," he said with a smirk. He did some hand signs. "TRANSFORM!" he changed into the busty 13 year old girl like yesterday. She had long blonde ponytails and a playful little twinkle in her eyes. He got into a yellow shirt with a red swirl on the chest an blue pants. He felt a bit chilly (figured it must be a girl thing) so he put on his black zip-up sweater. "Why am I so cold? It's spring, but...I've never got this cold as a boy. Oh well. Ready or not, Here comes Naruta! GOD I'M SO COLD!" she said with a shiver.
~At School~
  "There's a new student joining us today. Will you please come in?" Naruta walked in.
  "Uh, hi..." she said quietly.
  "Her name is Naruta Uzume."
  "It's a pleasure to meet all of you," she said with a polite bow.
  "Naruta, you can sit next to Kiba Inuzuka. He's the boy with brown hair, over in the back."
  "With the red make-up?"
  "That's him."
  "Kay." Naruta said with a shrug. She walked towards the back and plopped down next to Kiba. "Hi. I'm Naruta." she said with a smile.
  "I'm Kiba," Kiba said, smirking. "Nice to meetcha." Later, while they were taking notes, Naruta poked Kiba's arm. "What?"
  "Got a piece of paper I could borrow?"
  "Sure, here." Kiba handed her a piece of lined paper.
  "Thanks." Naruta pulled a pen out of her pocket. The cap looked like a dog had chewed on it. She started doodling. Kiba peeked over.
  "What are you doing? We're supposed to be taking notes!" He hissed.
  "Huh? Oh, I never take notes." she said, continuing to doodle.
  "Well, I'm not gonna cover you when you get in trouble." The bell rang for lunch.
  "OK, Time for lunch. Kiba, could you give Naruta a tour around school?"
  "Sure Iruka-sensei," Kiba said. "Come on, Naruta. Let's go." Naruta nodded and followed Kiba towards the door. She got a vauge feeling someone was staring at her, so she looked to her right. She saw Sasuke staring at her. He blushed and looked back at his notes. Naruta blushed too and quickened her pace.
~Lunch Time~
  "These are the bathrooms, and down this hall you'll reach the cafeteria and the lunch line. But most of the kids eat outside. Then you reach the back of the school where the kids eat." Kiba said. "To the right of the door, there's this hallway." he led her down the hallway and they came to a dead end.
  "There's nothing down this hallway. Are you trying to trick me or something?" Naruta said, clearly unhappy with Kiba's actions. I always knew he was stupid, she thought, but never THIS stupid. He knows this school inside and out.
  "I know there's nothing down this hallway."
  "Then why'd you take me here? You better not do anything perverted!" she said blushing a bit. Suddenly, Naruta was pinned to the wall! "What?!"
  "Shh. Someone might hear," Kiba whispered.
  "Oh you Son of a-!"
  "Watch your language little lady. You're really hyper, huh?" Kiba said with a smirk.
  "Dammit, Kiba! If you don't let go of me, I'll-!"
  "You'll what?" Kiba whispered menecingly as he moved his face closer to Naruta's. She blushed and started to panic. She glared at him and swung her knee forward. Kiba hissed in pain and Naruta ran away.
  "Next time, I'll rip your fucking nipples off!" she shouted at him.
  "OK students, we're getting new seats, as promised." Iruka said. Naruta was piping mad, and was so glad she didn't have to sit next to Kiba anymore. Anyone's better than him, she thought, I'll even sit next to Sasuke for God's sake! I must be going insane.
  "Naruta, you can stay where you are."
  "Kay." she said, with clear irratation in her voice. Iruka called of names of students, placing them in new seats. When he got to the seat next to Naruta, she began to worry a bit.
  "Sasuke Uchiha? You can sit next to Naruta." Sasuke shrugged and sat down. Naruta blushed a bit and scooched to her left. All the girls hissed at each other, saying dirt about Naruta and how they were so jealous of her. Naruta rolled her eyes and looked out the window. She couldn't wait to get home.

~End Chapter 1~

Next Time, In Chapter 2:

It's Sasuke's POV! You'll get to see what he thinks of Naruta, and what he thinks through the
day as he sits next to Naruta! What fun!
(Rated PG-13 for language and some violence.)

Bwa ha ha!
I've started up another story!


So, Naruto diecides to become a girl using his Sexy no jutsu and be the new girl at school. All teh boys totally fall for the new 'Naruta Uzume', including Sasuke, but he doesn't want to admit it, even to himself. After a couple days, Naruto forgets to transform back into himself one night, and he gets stuck as a girl!! OH NOES!! Now he's getting asked out by all these guys, and all the girls are getting mad that Sasuke always seems to hang out with her, and everyone is turning against her!! (DUN DUN DAAA)
Everyone cept Sasuke that is. Now Naruto is falling head over heels for Sasuke, and everythings becoming a big mess! OHH NOOOOOOE!!

So yeah, that's pretty much what happens.
Uh huh.

So, enjoy chapter one!!

Naruto characters (c) of Masashi Kishimoto
Naruta Uzume (c) of Me
Story Line (c) of Me

Comments and Favorites are appreciated~
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